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J.W. Rose


I live in the humble state of Oklahoma with one husband, five children, one dachshund, two cats, and a resident armadillo. When I am not attempting to launch fully-functioning adults, I write. Sometimes I hide in the closet and drink whiskey while contemplating Schopenhauer's works on pessimism and their influence upon Nietzsche's philosophy of existential nihilism. My poetry has won awards from Writer’s Digest, and my fiction has been published in the journals Storylandia and Thimble Literary. I have also published works under the ubiquitous name Jennifer Wilson (boooring) that can be found on Amazon. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the WWW, and please subscribe to my newsletter so you can keep up with all my shenanigans and author news. If you would like to contact me to ask questions or give rhapsodic praise, you can email me at jwroseauthor@outlook.com

I am no longer this cute
I am no longer this cute