When the Otherworld comes knocking, better put on your best pair of Bermuda shorts and get moving! For Rose and Andrew Bradford, newlywed and recently retired, this means transporting a 300-year old pregnant mermaid queen across the American West in a weathered Winnebago, with a heaping helping of hazards in the way. From swamp monsters to the Hound of Hades, they find themselves up to the challenge!

However, when Ba’algrim, the power-mad lord of the goblins, threatens to take over the world, the couple faces the fight of their lives. Will they defeat the monster and restore order? Will they deliver the mermaid safely to her home in Puget Sound before her baby is born? And will they discover why the Otherworld chose them in the first place? In Rose’s words, it’s as sure as God’s got sandals! After all, you’re never too old to figure out who you are, or what you can do.

Can you be lonely without knowing it?

It’s a question twenty-six-year-old Brooke Morgan would never consider. She keeps her own company, minds her own business, and expects nothing from a world that has consistently let her down.

After an accident leaves her with a mountain of debt and few options, Brooke decides to sell everything, leave California, and walk to Georgia, where she hopes life will begin anew. With the help of her personal trainer, the sunny and indomitable Ron, she plans her path across the continent.

When she is contacted by a young Hispanic woman claiming to be her half-sister, she ignores her entreaties to visit with all the strength in her pragmatic heart. She doesn’t need family and never has.

As she travels, however, she crosses paths with a panoply of characters, each of whom impacts her in ways she did not anticipate. From New Agers to Native Americans, she finds that people are far from the egocentric entities she always believed them to be, but it is not until she finds an unexpected treasure by the side of the road that she discovers just how much she longs to belong.

An elderly man is interred in a mental asylum claiming he can travel through time. A mysterious child appears to a woman who has lost everything. A girl sets out to rescue her best friend from the seventh circle of hell. An android discovers that it is slowly becoming human.

Enjoy these stories and eight more in this collection. Strange, mystifying, and intriguing, the characters and their experiences will entertain and surprise, lingering in the reader's mind long after the last page is finished.


Madeline King is twenty-two, independently wealthy, and living a life of luxury on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She never planned to fall in love but when a family with twelve children vacations on the beach where she lives, her best laid plans come undone. The eldest--good-natured and dependable Reuben--captures her eye, and before long, her heart. But can Madeline, bipolar and prone to flights of fancy, handle a relationship with someone “normal”? Her best friend, the brooding Nick, questions the wisdom of her getting involved, but are his doubts for Madeline’s good, or does he have his own reasons for keeping her away from Reuben?

Mabel Banner, age fifteen, is a girl on the run. Escaping a dark and tumultuous life in the foster care system in Oklahoma, she runs to Key West, where she becomes first mate on board the sailboat Stella Luna, with the amiable Jake Ennis as captain. In Florida she forges a new life with a new name and tries to forget the circumstances that brought her there. But can Mabel keep her past a secret from Jake and continue to elude the authorities searching for her? No matter how hard she tries, she can't outrun the ghosts that haunt her dreams and the feeling that, eventually, everything she has fought so hard to gain will slip from between her fingers like the sugar white sand of a Gulf Coast beach.

(Published in Issue 28, Winter 2019 of the literary journal Storylandia and available through Amazon)

An exploration of memory, longing, and the passage of time, this collection of verse from award-winning poet J.W. Rose grapples with the nature of faith and the ever-evolving condition of the human soul.

Olivia Broadstreet, abandoned by her husband and struggling to find her place in society as a single mother of two, navigates her way into dating once again at the urging of her friends. But can she trust a man with her heart again? Is the seemingly perfect Dolf as wonderful as he appears? Or is love only to be found in her vivid and recurring dreams? Kissing Robert is the perfect weekend read, a novella that entertains and touches the heart by turns.