Site updates!

Let’s just go ahead and forget about the last few months and pretend that you are stopping by for the VERY first time right now, in June of 2021, shall we? Needless to say, there were many, yea verily, so many multitudes of things to bend to my will before this website was even near doing what I was demanding of it. But hark! The dawn breaks! And sends its golden beams down upon our heads, as I welcome you with the opennest of open arms to this, my author blog, and its mothership,

So take a look around, wouldja? Let me know what you think. There’s a 100% fat-free, calorie-free, commitment-free and free-free short story called Lycanthropy up on my brand new Short Stories page. It’s super-cool. The remaining ten stories will, gradually, be added, so don’t despair. More soon!

Your humble servant,

J.W. Rose