August Who?

What happened? Where am I? What month is it? Where are my glasses?

Most importantly, where did spring and summer go?

As I sit here, the sun is rising (a burning orb of destruction intent upon
frying every blade of grass in my lawn), it’s August fifth, and the kids go
back to school in six days.

I’ve never been the type of mom that looks forward to school starting. I hate the chaos of mornings, the implacable schedule, and the odious amount of homework to slog through. I like sleeping in, going swimming, vacationing, making s’mores in the backyard, and the luxurious length of the bright and seemingly endless days. I like having my kids home, to both bicker and play in equal measure.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and as the summer fades away like a stretched-out shadow, I go through the five stages of grief: denial (the calendar is surely wrong), anger (why are the school supplies ALREADY in the store?), bargaining (if we cram more fun into each day, maybe things will slow down), depression (well, shit), and acceptance (printing out supply lists and shopping for number 2 pencils).  

All is not lost, however; there are things to look forward to, and plenty to be thankful for. I wrote a new short story, which can be read here. My short story compilation Rise and Other Tales and my novel Where to Go from Here have received some excellent reviews and continue to sell at a steady pace. If you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, the titles above are links to their Amazon pages. Here’s the latest review for Where to Go from Here:

“Going on this unlikely journey with a most unlikely heroine as she crosses the U.S. from California to Georgia—on foot—makes for a great read. I did not much like Brooke at first. What was to like about this orphaned, inexperienced, narrow-minded, cranky, and oddly arrogant young woman who displayed all the social charm and empathy of a wilted radish? I still have no desire to buy camping gear so I can go and do likewise. A woman alone? As if! But just as Brooke summons the perseverance to trudge ever forward and the courage to open her mind and her heart to the reality of others, the reader begins to truly care what will become of this unusual woman and curious as to where and how her heart-sore, foot-sore road trip will end. I especially liked encountering philosophical asides, theological questions, literary bon mots, and a profound sense of the wit, compassion, and intelligence of the author as I read this truly engaging work. I really look forward to reading her other books.”

I mean, wow! I may have shed a tear.

My third novel, Borrowing Trouble, has not been published yet, as I had hoped, but the cover is done and is delightful (watch for the reveal in the next newsletter!), and I am looking to publish by the end of September. Here in Bartlesville my writing group is planning a book fair at a local brewery (books and brews, what could be better?) in October, and I continue to push forward with various writing projects.

Although 2022 is flying by at a wicked pace, I hope you have enjoyed your own share of successes and accomplishments, and that the second half of the year brings plentiful delights and few disappointments.

Also, I found my glasses. They were on my head.

Fare thee well,

J.W. Rose