It’s a Great Day to be Alive

Or, a great day to be LIVE. As in, Borrowing Trouble is live! BORROWING TROUBLE IS LIVE!!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the goblins are grumbling…and YOU, my friend, get the chance to find out why. Is it, perhaps, that two geriatric newlyweds are bent on foiling their plans for world domination?

I’ll never tell, but I will say that the forecast calls for a 99% chance of goblin ass-kicking.

If you like adventure, action, road trips, Arthurian lore, cryptozoology, fairies, Winnebagos, epic battles, true love, miraculous cures, baking, mermaids, bizarre colloquialisms, unlikely heroes, heaping helpings of humor, and the triumph of good over evil, then by all means, use this link to purchase!

If you don’t like that stuff, maybe get busy straightening your paper clip collection, or whatever.

At any rate, I hope you will give this beautiful tale a tumble and discover your new favorite story.

With anxious anticipation,

J.W. Rose